About St. Petersburg Boychoir

The Boychoir School was established August 6, 1992 by Vadim Ptscholkin, who since that time and so on is its director. Today, about 400 children and young men attend the school choir, and are taught by 10 teachers.

Boys start studying at age of 3 in the school choir. Step by step they are admitted to the Junior Choir and then to the Middle Choir. Usually when reaching the age of 10 the boys are joyning the Concert Choir. The main subjects in the school are the choir and music theory. There are also optional individual vocal and piano lessons. In the time of the voice change boys are attending studies in the targeted organized youth group. In 1997, the entire tenor and bass parts were organized by the boychoir graduates. In 2005, a new choral group created - the alumni choir, based on adults, former youth choir participants.

Our boychoir makes more than 50 concerts a year. Our boys rehearse 3-4 times a week, but new programs are always rehearsed in June in so-called summer choir camp. Our extensive repertoire includes secular and sacred compositions, the different artistic directions and epocs. The high professional level of the boychoir is achieved thanks to our enthusiastic and highly qualified teaching team.

Boys Choir of St. Petersburg is unique especially with its size - in the concert choir singing over a hundred people, an extraordinar repertoire, which is annually updated with new compositions, high professional mastery. The choir had concerts in Holland, Switzerland, Finland, France, Italy and Austria. In addition, the St. Petersburg Boychoir also occurs in the biggest cities, on his Christmas Program.


Vadim Ptscholkin was born November 7, 1972 in St. Petersburg. In 1980 he was admitted to the Glinka Choir College of the Court Academic Chapel, which he graduated with honors in 1991. Since 1991 to 1995 he studied at the Rimski-Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg, under the leadership of the People’s Artist of Russia, Professor Elizaveta Kudriavzeva. Vadim Ptscholkin is the successor of the choral traditions of the St. Petersburg choir schools that have been established in the early 20th century by the graduates of the Moscow Synodal School Mikhail Klimov. Ptscholkin started to work with the children in age of 16. In 1992, he founded the school choir, which he heads today. Vadim Ptscholkin was honored by the mayor of St. Petersburg and received the diploma of the Russian Patriarch Alexy II.

Boychoir School